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From protest to party, the Invasion of the Pines has a colorful history.

After forty years of fabulous drag queens, killer costumes and gender bending beauties; the political roots of the event may not be so obvious to those attending this annual July 4th celebration, but the message of equality and freedom are still as relevant today as when Panzi and a crew of protesters staged the original Invasion in 1976.

As gay rights have progressed, the Invasion has been used to take a satirical look at the world around us. Long before Congress was hashing out marriage equality, invaders were challenging the mainstream ideals and demanding change by fighting against bias, AIDS, sexism, bigotry and traditional gender roles.

It's so much more than a day of drinking and drag. It is a tradition that honors those that came before us and it's a glimpse into what the world would be like if we had true openness and independence.

Using both current and archival footage, we are guided through forty years of gaiety with local celebrities Panzi, Bianca Del Rio and Hedda Lettuce; as well as Grove residents and Invaders from around the world telling their personal stories.

Join us as we take a look at how the event has grown and changed over the years.

Starring: Thom "Panzi" Hansen, Lyn Hutton, Bob "Rose" Levine, John Burke, Roy "Bianca Del Rio" Haylock, Steven Polito, Troy Files, Logan Hardcore, Charity Charles, Matt Baney, Lorraine Michels, Joan Van Ness, Bob MacLeavy, Doug Rowan, Ginger Snap, Lavina Draper, Michael Fitzgerald, Linda Dickerson, Barbara Hirsch, Don Verteramo, John Cella